The keratin that makes up human hair is essentially a natural polymer. Synthetic hair, on the other hand, comprises man-made fibers. With synthetic fibers, fine threads are developed to create artificial hair, which is derived from polymers and designed to look and feel as identical to human hair as possible. These threads can then be transformed into a wig-like wig afterpay, 10a grade hair, or loose deep wave hair. In addition, the threads can be converted into the weave, or extensions to create a value-added product.
Various types of fibers are used in making synthetic hair. Some of these include:

• Acrylic
• Silk
• Silicone
• Vinyl


Synthetic hair extensions are employed by stylists to add stuffiness and a bulky look to limp, thinning hair. Also, the hairpieces and extensions made from synthetic hair are used for strictly aesthetic purposes. Moreover, synthetic hair extensions are used primarily for braiding hair in order to create a hairstyle that adds length and chubbiness to the existing hair.


Lower-grade synthetic hair can normally be found in costume wigs or the form of cheap human hair lace wigs. These hairs lack the movement, texture, and richness of real hair. Moreover, the appearance of these fibers is waxy and plastic. In contrast, the higher grade, more refined form of synthetic hair has texture and luster and resembles human hair quite a lot.
The fibers variety starts from straight to kinky/curly with coarse surfaces to silky/smooth surfaces. In certain cases, it is challenging to figure out the difference as the outlook feels almost like human hair. In fact, with some of the higher quality synthetic pieces, you would never distinguish synthetic hair from natural hair even if you have the human hair right next to compare.


Synthetic hair, like ‘grade a hair’ tends to preserve the style and shape for longer than human hair, as the fiber that is used is artificially designed to ensure that the thread maintains its style even after washing, with minimal effort required from the wig wearer.

Synthetic hair is significantly cheaper than human hair products available in the market, and as advances have been made so much to synthetic wigs over the past few years, many of them now look no different from human hair wigs.